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BIO. Sonja Ovaskainen (b.1994) third year BA student in Lahti Desing Institute. Finland based photographer and visual artist. Mosty working lens-based but also using performance and sculptures in her work. Interested in themes around the defending relationship between mind and body. Believes that thought art you are able to give consultation and make people feel less alone.

Photographer open for comissions

Contact: sonjaophotos(a)gmail.com

+358 40 58 540 59

P.s. See my wedding and graduation portfolio from 500px


Lahti Institute of Desing, Bachelor of Arts 2016

Ingmanedu, Visual Artesan 2016

 Group exhibitions:

2018 My Mortality is Killing Me

  2017 YÖ2018, Kulmala

  2017 YÖ2018, Galleria Kalleria

  2017 See Us, Kulmala

  2016 PS16, VB- valokuvakeskus